About Ellie’s Handmade Soaps

Proudly started in 2019 by Jemma Notton after a hobby turned into a passion, Ellie’s Handmade Soaps is a family-run constantly evolving innovative brand dedicated to bringing the best to all our customers.
We started with a passion for handcrafted soaps and bath bombs aiding people to perfectly moisturize their skin, instill good moods, and enhance positive vibes.

Creating handmade products gave a sense of relief from the stress and worries of the world while allowing full creativity to flow free of distractions.

From having a rough oily skin out to fully revitalized and soft skin. How? It’s not wizardry, even though it seems like it – it’s bomb baths and naturally made soaps. We totally love how many ways our hand-crafted soaps can fit into your routine.

Your skin says a great deal regarding you and makes you stick out. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to appear fresh and elegant. believes that everybody ought to have the option to use products that they cherish and do as such at the correct cost.

Today: Ellie’s Handmade Soaps

Today, Ellie’s Handmade Soaps stands for creating lifelong exquisite memories through our unique, and quality products uplifting the chic of your experience as it sits at the heart of what we do and our belief that only the best will do.

We stive to be known for preferring creativity, safety, and individuality. Started off by our staunch belief that looking and doing good should always go hand-in-hand as we were fixated with producing products that we’d love to use ourselves and complement our craft.

That’s why we started with a simple goal: Whatever we do should be good for our valued customers as for our passion.

We didn’t start to follow trends; we create them as sees our hand-crafted products as a way to express different sides of ourselves. We pride ourselves in developing and delivering products that are “cruelty-free” with no adverse effects on your skin in any way.

Our vow to do our bit to protect the environment led us to the use of natural and organic ingredients alongside reducing our dependency on plastic.

We guarantee that everything from conceptualizing to implementation works consistently to win our products and services the ‘WOW’ they deserve.

These words mean something. They persuade and control the heartbeat of the things that we do, why we do them, and what our identity is.

Today, we are blessed to connect with thousands of customers every day as we build on what we’ve achieved and be recognized as leaders in the market.

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